Stylet Oil


From the Hawaiian Ethos Cultivation Team

This marks the first article in our “Growers Journal” series of the Hawaiian Ethos blog. Our cultivation team will be sharing growing tips as well as stories from other growers on the island. All stories published with permission from all parties.



multi-purpose protection

Recently I was approached by a work colleague for a solution for grey mold (botrytis) and powdery mildew mitigation in his caregiver’s cannabis garden. I recommended OMRI Listed (organic) JMS Stylet Oil.

Stylet oil is an effective fungicide that can be used up to the day of harvest for mild to moderate microbial eradication.  It provides a prophylactic barrier on the plant’s surface that protects against further microbial contamination, and is also an effective antifeedant that discourages chewing and sucking insects.  

Powdery mildew on a cannabis flower.

Powdery mildew on a cannabis flower.


non-toxic, no worries

Stylet oil is non-toxic and breaks down into carbon and water naturally as the plant assimilates it, or, if sprayed pre-harvest, while the plant is drying/curing.  Stylet oil is one of the most effective tools in any grower’s integrated pest management (IPM) program, especially in the humid Hawaiian climate.



recommendations for use

To use, spray at 45ml/gal with an organic non-ionic wetting agent/surfactant (cocowet) at dusk or 2-3 hours before dawn. Repeat if symptoms persist as needed. For preventive maintenance, spray every 14 days until day 35 of the flowering cycle.