Hawaiian Ethos Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide Hawai'i Island safe and reliable access to cannabis medicine through evidence-based treatment choices.


Hawaiian Ethos offers quality products, service, and education in a professional and compassionate way to empower people to find the medicine that works best for them.


Evidence-Based Choices

Good science is essential for consistent high-quality patient care. We aggregate what is known about cannabis-derived medicine and humanize it to ensure accessibility and approachability for everyone. Hawaiian Ethos and its Medical Advisory Board, work to provide patients with the most effective treatment methods while while studying and expanding our collective understanding of this promising but largely understudied area of patient care.



Patient-Centric Approach

We understand the importance of listening to patients in order to hear and address their needs. This patient-centric approach can make the difference between a patient finding a viable treatment option in medical cannabis, or ending up with marginal results at best. Hawaiian Ethos takes into account the unique and varying needs of individual patients and groups of patients by offering different delivery systems, strains, cannabinoid profiles, concentrations, and extractions.



Coordinating Communication

Clearly presented information and thoughtful communication leads to better patient outcomes. In addition to providing science-based literature to patients, patient groups, and healthcare professionals, Hawaiian Ethos collects and shares data to facilitate the meaningful exchange of information while aggressively protecting patient privacy and rights. Together, our shared experience can make everyone healthier.


Our vision is to be a trusted community resource for information and quality medicine, driven by our dedication to contribute to patient care and quality of life in a tangible and meaningful way.