Why we sell cannabis in cardboard boxes

We put a lot of research and thought into our packaging. Our starting point were the state requirements; it had to be child resistant, opaque, and maintain the integrity of the product. From there, we started thinking about patient experience, aesthetic, and environmental impact.

Unfortunately, the current industry standard for cannabis is plastic. Over half of all dispensary products sold in Hawaii and nationwide is flower, almost always in plastic bottles. In Hawai‘i, we see the impact of single use plastic firsthand on our beaches. If at all possible, we wanted to find another way.


Hawaiian Ethos was recently featured in Cannabis Business Times for our approach to packaging. Ethos is one of the first companies in the U.S to provide 100% compostable flower packaging.

When we could, we stuck with paper and cardboard because those tend to have high recycling return rates. 70% of cardboard in the world is recycled, compared only 7 to 10% for plastic. And with Hawai‘i Island no longer accepting plastic for recycling, that number goes down to 0 for local products.

So our boxes may be…boxy, but you can reuse, compost, recycle, or bring them back to the dispensary for a credit. Thanks in advance for doing your part.

Want to make the switch to compostable packaging? We use a combination of Elevate Packaging and Sungrown products to meet all state requirements.