Sungrown on Hawai‘i Island

In Hawaiʻi, natural light is an
abundant resource—

so we designed the cultivation facility to harness as much of it as possible.


Using the sun allows us to significantly cut down on artificial lighting, one of the biggest energy expenditures in the cultivation of indoor cannabis.

The structure and orientation of our cultivation facility lets in high elevation sunlight via efficient light-transmitting panels, allowing diffuse, broad spectrum sunlight to shine down on the plants.


naturally better

Quality of Hawaiʻi Sunlight: Sunlight in Hawaii is unique, both in its intensity and spectrum. For example, Hawai‘i is exposed to more UV than anywhere else in the US—routinely at 9-10 on the UV index.

Increased THC Production: UV light has been shown to increase cannabinoid production in plants—specifically THCA. UV can also lower bacterial and fungal populations, which keeps plants clean.

Measuring the Impact: By growing with sunlight as our primary energy source, we use 1.3M less KwH and save over $650,000 per year compared traditional indoor growing methods—even more, this model comes with a considerably smaller C02 footprint.

The best way we know how

Hawaiian Ethos strives to produce the best medicine, the best way we know how in order to maximize the impact we make in the lives of patients and minimize the impact we make on the earth. Stay tuned for more about our quality and sustainability initiatives.