Talk Medicine™

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Talk Medicine allows you to conveniently and anonymously share your experience, provide valuable feedback on products, and help you and others find the right medicine.

Quick Dissolve Tablet Process

know the medicine

Consistent products yield consistent results. Our products have known active compound profiles, are formulated to preserve terpenes, and have verified lab results. Hawaiian Ethos offers controlled dose products in a variety of delivery methods and strains so you can know exactly how much you’re using, and use the same amount consistently once you find the medicine that works.


Cannabis citizen science via talk medicine

Collaboration is key. Only you can know and share how you use cannabis and how it works for you. Talk Medicine provides a consistent structure for sharing that feedback. Every time you use Talk Medicine, you ensure people like you are represented in the science and resulting medical advancements.


shared insights, improved results

Hawaiian Ethos is committed to sharing what we learn to improve care. As more people participate app insights will improve. Our goal is to be able to answer questions like, “What ratio of THC to CBD helps the most people with pain?” We will also use your feedback to develop better products and educate dispensary staff to better meet your needs.